Every live Songhaven concert includes at least one audience singalong song. We are compiling the footage of all these lovely moments into a special Songhaven Singalongs playlist on YouTube. Lyrics are also displayed on screen so you can join in at home! To enjoy the full playlist on YouTube CLICK HERE


You can access our full 30 minute Songhaven at Home digital concerts via YouTube. The corresponding concert programmes are linked below which you can print and follow along, just like at a live concert event. For the playlist of all the 30 minute concert films, CLICK HERE


Songhaven at Home is a FREE collection of 30 minute professional concert films, with accompanying printable programmes. The resource has been created so that everyone can experience the the joy of our professional concerts, virtually, from the comfort of their home!

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Knightsbridge Concert – 23 October 2023
Duets, solos & singalongs from The Sound of MusicLes MiserablesOklahoma!, South Pacific and Little Shop of Horrors, plus classical tunes by Puccini & Vivaldi, and a little bit of Gershwin for good measure! Performed by Caroline Kennedy (soprano), Ian Beadle (baritone), & Elspeth Wilkes (pianist).
September 2023 Concert featuring Felicity Buckland (mezzo-soprano), Michael Ferguson (baritone), and Chad Vindin (pianist).
March 2023 Concert featuring Nazan Fikret (soprano), Lauren Easton (mezzo-soprano), and Lana Bode (pianist). Concert Programme HERE
November 2022 Remembrance Day Full Concert featuring Louise Fuller (soprano), Matthew Palmer (baritone), and Chad Vindin (pianist). Concert ProgrammeHERE
October 2022 Silver Sunday Concert featuring Eleanor Garside (soprano), Ailsa Mainwaring (mezzo-soprano) and Chad Vindin (pianist) Concert Programme HERE
June 2022 Carers Week concert featuring Eleanor Pennell-Briggs (soprano), Ben Leonard (tenor) and Chad Vindin (pianist) Concert Programme: HERE
February 2022 Concert featuring Louise Fuller (soprano), Peter Edge (baritone) and Lana Bode (pianist) Concert Programme: HERE
New Year Concert (Jan 2022) featuring Andrea Tweedale (soprano), Ben Leonard (tenor), Lisa Bucknell (viola) and Chad Vindin (pianist)
Concert Programme
Music Day Concert Sep 2019 featuring Jenny Stafford (soprano), Vivien Conacher (mezzo-soprano), Alistair Ollerenshaw (baritone) and Chad Vindin (pianist) Concert programme: HERE
Springtime Concert 2019 featuring Jenny Stafford (soprano), Ross Scanlon (tenor) and Lana Bode (pianist)
Concert Programme: HERE
Oct 2017 Concert featuring Dominic Walsh (tenor), Felix Kemp (baritone) and Chad Vindin (pianist)
Concert programme: HERE
Favourite Songs Concert – Feb 2019 featuring Alice Privett (soprano), Vivien Conacher (mezzo-soprano) and Chad Vindin (pianist) Concert programme: HERE
Night & Day Concert featuring Eleanor Ross (soprano), Felix Kemp (baritone) and John Cuthbert (pianist)
Concert programme: HERE
Summer Concert 
Featuring Sophie Goldrick (mezzo-soprano), Javier Vilarino (baritone) and James Long (pianist). Concert Programme: HERE
Songs from Stage and Screen featuring Lizzie Holmes (soprano), Vivien Conacher (mezzo-soprano) and Benedict Lewis-Smith (pianist)
Concert programme: HERE
February 2023 Concert featuring Dominic Walsh (tenor), Paul Sheehan (baritone), and Chad Vindin (pianist). Concert ProgrammeHERE
January 2023 Concert featuring Andrea Tweedale (soprano), Ian Beadle (baritone), and James Long (pianist). Concert ProgrammeHERE
3 Songs in Tribute to Remembrance Day – We’ll Meet Again, In Flanders, and We’ll Gather Lilacs featuring Louise Fuller (soprano), Matthew Palmer (baritone), and Ben Woodward (pianist).
August 2022 Concert featuring Gillian Ramm (soprano),William Dazeley (baritone) and Gamal Khamis (pianist)
Concert Programme: HERE
May 2022 Concert featuring Ben Thapa (tenor), Kieran Rayner (Baritone) and Lana Bode (pianist)
Concert Programme: HERE
Songs from the Shows for Carers Week 2021
featuring Alison Arnopp, Lawrence Smith, and Chad Vindin Concert Programme: HERE
Love Songs for Carers Week 2021
featuring Alison Arnopp, Lawrence Smith and Chad Vindin. Concert Programme: HERE
Silver Sunday Concert 2021 featuring Monica McGhee (soprano), Philip Clieve (tenor) and Panaratos Kyriatzidis (pianist)
Concert Programme: HERE
Irish-themed St Patrick’s Day Concert 2020 featuring Eleanor Garside (soprano), Laurence Kilsby (tenor) and Juliane Gallant (pianist)
Concert Programme: HERE
Aug 2017 Concert featuring Nazan Fikret (soprano), Vivien Conacher (mezzo-soprano) and Berrak Dyer (pianist) Concert programme: HERE
Flora & Fauna Concert featuring Eleanor Ross (soprano), Jonathan Cooke (tenor) and Lana Bode (pianist) Concert Programme: HERE
Songs About Singing Concert featuring Charlie Drummond (soprano), Felix Kemp (baritone), and John Cuthbert (pianist) Concert Programme: HERE
Concert at St Paul’s Knightsbridge
Featuring Natasha Day (soprano), Matthew Palmer (baritone) and Michael Papadopoulos (pianist). Concert programme: HERE
Concert for Valentine’s Day 
Featuring Nazan Fikret (soprano), Ben Leonard (tenor) and James Long (pianist)
Concert Programme: HERE


“Heartful thanks. I used your online concerts to calm an elderly lady with dementia in a hospital ward – it worked magically! In April when I was an inpatient myself (for asthma), there was an elderly lady there who was confused & agitated. I remembered your concerts and I took out my mobile. We sang along to two films. A patient on the other bed joined in. The nurses walked in amazed. This joyful experience went on until late evening when the ambulance turned up to take this lady home. She was a totally different person”.

“We have been sharing your [Songhaven at Home] videos to the families of [our] Service Users and they loved them. God Bless to your team as you have made the lockdown bearable for us. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to a face-to-face concert in future.” – Dementia Resource Centre support worker


“This is a triumph!!! I love it.  So wonderful”

“a ray of sunshine… this means a lot”

“Thanks for the online concert at this unsettled time. The effort & dedication of you & all those involved are much appreciated”

“a fantastic concert… shared through the window from outside, with my mum inside singing and dancing around.  Thanks for sharing your musical talents. Rays of light in this dark strange time”

“Delighted to hear from you in these challenging times. Music is the soul of life and brings such joy and peace. Thank you and your wonderful professional team for your kindness, God bless you all”

“We (my entire household) love love love your concerts online. What a brilliant effort to give to the community during these unprecedented times”

“That was beautiful!  Thank you to everyone at Songhaven”

“The concerts are fantastic! Our residents love to watch them and are fascinated by the fact that they are watching you on the ‘television’ (tablet)” – Care Home manager


2023 Festive Knightsbridge Concert – 30 mins
Featuring Caroline Kennedy (soprano), Ian Beadle (baritone), and Chad Vindin (pianist).
2022 Festive Knightsbridge Concert
Featuring Monica McGee (soprano), Paul Sheehan (baritone), and Lana Bode (pianist). Concert programme: HERE
Festive Winter Warmer Concert featuring Emily Mitchell (soprano), Jerome Knox (baritone), and James Long (pianist). Concert Programme: HERE
Festive Hampstead Concert featuring Eleanor Garside (soprano), Vivien Conacher (mezzo-soprano), Matthew Palmer (baritone), and John Cuthbert (pianist) Concert programme: HERE