Due to the current situation with COVID-19 please note that all upcoming live Songhaven concerts have been postponed until further notice, along with our Care Concert visits to care homes. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy SONGHAVEN AT HOME – an online archive of our concert films. New 30 minute concert viewing links and print-at-home concert programmes will be sent out to all our subscribers for free every couple of weeks. To receive these, please subscribe to the mailing list HERE.

Professional Dementia-friendly Music Events


Songhaven is committed to bringing authentic and meaningful human connection to people living with dementia through the power of professional music performances.

We believe people living with dementia (including carers and companions) deserve the dignity of high-quality music in a relaxed, inclusive, and joyous atmosphere.

To achieve our mission, Songhaven organises over 80 dementia-friendly events throughout the year – all featuring professional classically-trained artists. These events include:

  • The free public Songhaven Concert Series in London, held monthly in both Bloomsbury and Knightsbridge (click HERE for upcoming dates and booking information);
  • Our Songhaven Care Concerts scheme, with solo performance visits to care homes and community centres;
  • One-off special events and group singing sessions in collaboration with opera companies, community centres, and arts organisations.

Songhaven was founded in early 2017 by London-based mezzo soprano Vivien Conacher and is a registered Community Interest Company.

79% of surveyed Songhaven audience members told us they had met and got to know new people by attending our events, and 100% of surveyed audience members felt that attending Songhaven concerts improves their well-being. Read feedback from audience members and artists about their first-hand Songhaven experiences on our Testimonials page


  • Professional Excellence – in the calibre of musicians we work with, the running of our events on the day, and the preparation put into each concert programme.
  • Inclusion – proactively creating spaces where people at risk of exclusion and social isolation (including people living with dementia, older people, and carers) can feel welcomed on a regular basis into a caring community.
  • Joy – fostered through quality music-making, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and our social post-concert afternoon teas.
  • Connection – artists are encouraged to mingle and interact with the audience during the performance, as well as during afternoon tea, volunteers of all ages are on hand to engage with attendees throughout the event. Connection is very much a two-way street, we value the feedback and music requests made by our attendees and want to learn from them, and get to know them as individuals.
  • Dignity & Respect – our artists, volunteers, and audience members are treated with respect and dignity, and viewed as equals. Every Songhaven event is designed to show every person involved that they are valued, and to embody our belief that everyone deserves the best possible experience at Songhaven!

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